Historic Home Restoration

New England Structural Inc provides: house leveling, house jacking, historical restoration and foundation repair and structural restoration for homes in Albany and the greater Capitol Region.

New England Structural Inc is your first call when you need help Raising Up Your House in Albany NY. For Historic House Leveling or House Jacking in Albany‎ for foundation repairs, call the pros at New England Structural Inc to get the job done right. You can benefit from decades of experience, old world craftsmanship and engineering technology that can Historic Homes and structures back to the original quality.

Owner, Gary has been in the restoration business since the 1970’s specializing in historical Cape Cod restoration in Massachusetts and historic home restoration in Albany New York. At New England Structural Inc you will find that quality craftsmanship has made the team at New England Structural Inc the premier structural restoration company in the Northeast serving Albany to Saratoga and the greater Capitol Region.

You can benefit from the experience that professional structural experts bring to your home. New England Structural Inc offers you both a healthy respect for the history of your property and the ingenuity to maintain the integrity of your home throughout the structural repair and restoration process. You can rely on the expertise and experience of the master craftsman at New England Structural Inc to restore your historic home.

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Historical Restoration in Albany NY

Every aspect of your historic home restoration is reviewed by experts to determine the structural restoration needed and how to best complete your foundation repairs or jack up your house with safety and property integrity in mind. Call New England Structural Inc to get the job done right. When you are ready to make the call, Gary will help you understand the process and the timeline for your home restoration project from jacking up your home to repairing or restructuring your foundation to secure your property for the future.